Surviving the Shortage of MLCCs

Electronic devices need capacitors - a lot of them!

Capacitors are widely used to store energy, suppress filter noise, sense changes in capacitance, start motors, as well as for suppression, coupling and decoupling circuits. Multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) have previously been the capacitors of choice, and since the back end of 2016 there’s been a significant jump in the requirement for these capacitors. For example, some mobile phones now require double the number of capacitors than their previous versions. This continued rise in demand ultimately places a great deal of pressure on the MLCC supply chain, causing production lead times to be pressed and prices to continue increasing for all MLCC product lines in the market. Deficiencies like this impact a number of industries, and unfortunately this shortage is forecast to continue for some time with no sign of resolution.

But, there is a solution – Polymer Capacitors!

Polymer capacitors meet the needs for high reliability, long life, stable performance, low ESR and low cost in a number of markets; such as enterprise, commercial, consumer, medical, aerospace, and now automotive as well. They can provide a viable alternative for various designs currently using MLCCs, and can even provide direct drop-in replacements for low capacitance, non AEC-Q200 compliant designs.

Find out all you need to know for updating your MLCC designs with Polymer capacitor replacements below and achieve:

  • Higher delivered capacitance for high current (≥ 1Amp) applications
  • MLCC acoustic noise reduction
  • Lower piece count leading to BOM cost reduction
  • Improved voltage stability
Farnell element14

MLCCs vs. Polymers

Learn about the differences and similarities between these two product technologies. This simple overview will help you gain an understanding of the possibilities and challenges.

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OS-CON, POSCAP, SP-Caps & Hybrid Polymer Capacitors

Four variations in Polymer dielectric capacitors including chip and can-type (SMD & THT.) No derating and DC bias unlike MLCCs. Physically more robust, with longer lifetimes and safe-failure modes (no-burning.)

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KO-CAP, A7xx Series and T5xx Series Polymer Capacitors

KEMET’s Polymer offering represents an opportunity for miniaturization and is important as an alternative in designs to address MLCC supply chain shortages.

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vPolyTan T5x Series and 180 CPxx Series Polymer Capacitors

Vishay Polymers are the preferred choice in applications where volumetric efficiency, stable electrical parameters, high reliability, and long service life are primary considerations.

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TCx Series, TPx Series and Fxx Series Polymer Capacitors

AAVX Polymer Capacitors provide a viable substitute for MLCCs in many designs. They feature super low ESR and multi-anode construction.

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Short on MLCCs? Choose Panasonic Polymer Series

As more electronic systems continue to be integrated into our daily lives, the need for capacitor technologies that deliver high reliability, long life, stable performance, low ESR and low cost continue to grow. Learn how polymer capacitors can help meet these needs in the enterprise, commercial, consumer, medical, and aerospace segments.

Polymer or High Cap MLCC? KEMET has a Solution

Get the fast facts from KEMET to help you decide which of their Polymer caps is right for you.

Considerations When Substituting Polymer and Tantalum Capacitors for High CV MLCCs

Ensure successful MLCC substitutions by understanding the parametic differences and their compatibility with circuit protection goals. Learn about vPolyTan Capacitors.

MLCC to Tantalum Chip Substitution

This helpful guide from AVX shows, by case size, which tantalum chip series and case sizes fit a common IPC footprint.

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